June 2014

Michael opened the bathroom door to find Kat standing up on the counter asking to get down. When she came to me her explanation was:
“I wanted to see what I look like but I was too “below”(short). So I climbed to the mirror but after I met myself I couldn’t get down. I was stuck! It’s a good thing Michael came in or I’da still been there!”

LOL, never a dull….

Tap him, Daddy!



June 2, 2015

Girl has Grandpa Doolittle’s blood running through her veins.
We’re the front car that is stopped for construction and a tiny voice from the backseat says, “Tap him Daddy! Sneak up and touch him!”
Appalled, Mike replied “We can’t hit him Kat! He might have children at home!”
To which she replied “Just a little tap daddy, don’t hurt him. His kids won’t mind!”
Bahahahahaha! Grandpa Doolittle’s sense of humor is alive and well in this little stinker!

Spring Cleaning 2012



I felt extremely energetic this morning so I tackled the spring cleaning (yes I know I’m a couple months late, SO?!). Worked my fingers to the bone! Got the NE corner of the living room spotless!! Yes, that is as far as I got. I have a 2 1/2 yo “helper”. I discovered I got more done during each 3 min. time out on the naughty rug than the 20 minute or so intervals when she was “helping”! *sigh*  I wish I had the energy to clean now that she’s asleep!
Good thing I have a couple weeks before company gets here! LOL

Cheese Biscuits

I handed Kat a biscuit with cheese for breakfast. A few minutes later she brought 2 halves to me and said, “Here Mom, I’m all done with my biscuit.”
Me: “Um. How can you be done with it if you’re handing it to me?”
Kat: “I already ate my part.”
Me: “You didn’t eat anything, you just tore it in two and brought it back. You need to eat your breakfast.”
Kat (a bit indignant) “I did not “tored” it in two! I ate right down the middle cause the sides are crunchy.”


Daddy Date




Daddy is taking Kat on a date.
She dressed herself and combed her own hair to look like a pretty princess.

No, I’m not rescuing him.
It’ll make him appreciate me even more next time I edit her fashion decisions.



Fervent prayer

May 2014

Kat: “Mama, I’m gonna pray for Pooter (foster baby)  and you be Aunt Irma Doolittle Sallee ok?”
Me: “Uhmm. Okay.”
Kat: “Dear Jesus, you see all about how Pooter is going home today and we want you to take care of him!”
Me: “*closing my eyes and being properly solemn*
Kat: ” MOM!”
Me: “What? ?”
Kat: “You’re a posta be Aunt Irma!”
Me: “I am! I have my eyes closed and everything.”
Kat: “Everybody closes their eyes! If you’re gonna be Aunt Irma you need to start saying “Yes, Lord” and that kinda words when I pray!!”

I tried my hardest to be the best “Amen’er” for the rest of her prayer. By the time she wound down it felt like we’d just been to CHURCH!”

Dollar Trees

May 2013

Me: “We need to hurry Kat, I need to drop by the Dollar Tree and get a card for Madi’s graduation.”
Kat: (excitedly) “Oh mama! Thank you, thank you! Can I have 3, cause I’m 3!”
Me: (very confused) “You don’t need 3 cards.”
Kat: “You can give the cards to Madi, I only want the Dollar Trees!”madi



I told Kat her sandals were on the wrong feet. Later I reminded her to switch them.
Her reply:
“I already switched them 2 times and they still look funny.”

…Well alrighty then.