About Us

I’m fairly certain the only folks that will come to my blog are either family or close friends, so I’m not sure this page is even necessary.  On the off chance that you don’t know us, here are the basics:

I’m Sandy.  I was blessed to marry Mike Anderson 28 years ago.  We have 5 children.  Alisa (29), Whitney (27), Kristopher (24), Michael (20) and Kathryn (6).  We are also certified foster parents and proud advocates of foster parenting.

I am a Christian and I hope to use this blog to encourage others.  I will refer to 2012 often.  It is the year God shook my foundation.   I can say with certainty we only survived it by God’s grace and the prayers of our prayer warriors.  Our oldest daughter Alisa was in a critical car accident in Sept 2012.  One month later Mike was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer.  Through the next year God used many incidents to teach me Life Lessons.  I cherished these moments as a personal nod and wink from God.  I felt Him touch my heart and whisper “Live Aware”.  Those two words are now my personal motto and I hope to encourage others from the lessons I learned.