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Have you ever read or seen a news story that bothered your mind so much that you lost sleep over it?
In the past two days I read two seperate news stories and they have worried and plagued my mind so much that here it is 3 am and I am wide awake on “high alert” to any sound or movement in my home. I need to be up in an hour and a half and ready for a busy day, but my brain refuses to shut down.
I am ashamed to admit I allowed myself to become paranoid to the point of standing in Kat’s bedroom, considering all the “what ifs”. I have mentally chased the “what if” trail all the way to the dramatic end where the intruder lay “bleeding out” (because make no mistake, this mama would not stop until one of us is dead.) I stood there and considered where would be a good, safe location to hide a weapon in her room (easily accessed, adult height, safe from curious fingers). I checked and rechecked her window locks…and yet peace eluded me.

Then as I sat by her bed praying and pouring out my heart to the Lord, a simple yet precious scripture I learned as a small child flooded my heart. To be honest, it had been niggling around the edges of my brain all night but I was so caught up in my ridiculous paranoia and planning that I didn’t allow the scripture to take root until out of desperation I sat still before the Lord.
“The angel of the Lord encamps around those that fear Him and He delivers them.” Ps. 37:7. So simple to understand. Straight forward. So powerful and real I almost wanted to pull back the curtain and see if I could see which Angel is on duty tonight.
I left her room and opened my Bible. I searched for “safety” and found this:
“In peace, I will lie down. For you alone, Lord, make me dwell in safety.” Psalm 4:8.
Huh. Imagine that. If I had poured my heart out to Him at 11:00 pm when I first began tossing and turning, I would not have turned loose my grisly imagination or crossed the fine line between “caution” and “paranoia”.
The clock is still ticking *yawn* and my heart is at rest so now I’m heading to my comfy bed for the next….hour and 30 min. 🙂
My heart IS at rest… but I would not suggest anyone to rattle a door knob or window screen. If that camping out Angel doesn’t get ya first, I’m pretty confident I know 3 ways I can take you out before you get fully over the threshold. 😉
G’night all.

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