Welcome! Let’s get this over with….


Welcome to my new blog!  I’ve toyed with this idea for a couple years but have been too intimidated to start it.  My biggest fear is showing my ignorance to the world, but since I already do that on Facebook I suppose this isn’t much worse.  My honey believes in this so much he secretly paid the money to secure this domain name and set up this page for me.  He took the time to teach me what to click on and where to type.  Then waited for me to post my first blog.

I opened the page and looked at it.  I came back later in the day and ooohed and ahhhed at the pics of my precious family.  I tested out the tabs and explored a bit.  But every time I try to write my first blog I get nervous.  It’s like the first crisp, white page of a brand new journal.  I don’t want to mess anything up!  Once you write in it, even a dot…the new is gone.  It’s forever just another journal shoved in the pile of other half used journals.

I need to just get this over with.  Just write in it for goodness sake!  Just go!

So here it is.  My first blog post.  Done.  Now we can get on with the good stuff.


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3 thoughts on “Welcome! Let’s get this over with….”

  1. Lol! Yay, you did it! 😀 Starting is just the beginning…once you’re over the hump, things will go more smoothly. <3

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